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Parade of the Planets in Houston

ball2012There is just a thin line between past and future and the Houston, Texas Community crossed that line at the ball Parade of the Planets that took place on December 21, 2012, the day that was promised to be the end of the world.

As December 21, 2012 approached, emotions ran a little wild as social surveys reported that 45 per cent of the population was actually expecting the world to end. Instead of waiting for the end of the world, the United Russian-American Association (URAA) chose its own cosmic way to deal with the situation and held a The End-of-The-World ball.

The revelers were soothed with an authentic Mayan Indian telling a story to the guests about the meaning of living during the last katoon of the Fifth Stage of the Creation (aka Fifth Sun). The Mayan predicted that the end of the world would happen at some other time but that the ball would be a success now. The great Nostradamus appeared and read from one of his infamous quatrains:

I presented to you the destiny of yours and the treason,
it is grief that I pushed away, and a celebration I glorified.

Old Nostradamus declared that he had predicted everything and that the end of the world was not upon us. Finally, the wondrous gypsy, Aza, calmed guests down by instructing: Todays generation of the soviet people will live during capitalism but not cataclysm!!!

After the prognostications from the experts, the real celebration began with the dance of a little Aquarius and the Parade of Planets which was a parade of the hair styles and lovely costumes representing the nine plants which was created by Ella Gurevychs inspiration and talented hands. Twelve beautiful ladies presented themselves as the heavenly bodies, adorn in ethereal garments to celebrate the skies above. The show carried everyone to cosmic heights.

Elena Suvorova-Philips

Video "Parade of the Planets"


Video "Parade of the Planets"

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