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You are welcome to a trip into the magical world of dolls that move and talk the Puppet Theatre KHOKHLOMA by Unique Russian American Art (URAA).

The puppet collection started in 2010, and the theatre was founded in 2012 by artist and doll maker Elena Suvorova Philips, the woman credited with turning her passion for doll making to puppetry and entertainment.

The company performs colorful Russian folk tales and adapted classical plays that are easy to understand, even without knowing the language because here, the puppets truly come to life.


The theatre has its own workshop where the puppets are made. In the professional theater it is a hard job that involves an entire team of craftsmen one designing the puppet itself, another creating its shape, while a third tailors the costume. In our theatre KHOKHLOMA we create everything ourselves, and we try hard to make every puppet with a personality of its own.

After the show, the little ones in the audience can meet the actors and their puppets. Parents are as eager as their children to met the puppets, who says dolls are just for kids?

Look how different people delight in their passion for dolls and believing that dolls can talk.


During 2012-2013 our dolls were displayed in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Parliament of Russia, in the Tavrichesky Palace in the S-Petersburg. This palace is the home to the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States of Russia. The puppets were also shown at Howard University (Washington DC), and in Houston, Woodlands, Huntsville, Dallas, Texas.


This is just one of our reviews:

Hi Elena,

Wow!! The puppets are beautiful and the scenery was magnificent!!!

I am very impressed with your show! The stage looked great, too. The music was very nice. It is so important for the children to get this opportunity to make a puppet performance. Thank you so much for sending me the video. It is wonderful!

Jean Kuecher
Puppeteer and Teaching Artist
Director of the Houston Puppetry Festival



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