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Ah, Lord Tomato! Mi Amor!

On September 20, 2014, in the Cypress Creek Community Center during Houston Puppetry Festival 150 teachers, librarian and puppeteers enjoyed the show: The Adventures of Chipollino presented by the Russian Puppet Theatre Khokhloma.

Cipollino is a fictional character from Gianni Rodari's eponymous Tale of Cipollino, also known under its title Adventures of Cipollino. The story of Cipollino was popular enough to have a ballet, composed by Karen Khachaturian.

chCipollino, or Little Onion, fights the unjust treatment of his fellow vegetable townfolk by the fruit royalty (Prince Lemon and the overly proud Lord Tomato) in the garden kingdom. The main theme is the struggle of the underclass against the powerful, good versus evil, and the importance of friendship in the face of difficulties.

The story was translated to English by Elena Kostina for the Russian Puppet Theatre KHOKHLOMA` performance in Houston. Our cast: Elena Suvorova Philips, Alex Pominov, Olga Osechkina, Natalia Geva, Aleksandra Dragomirova.

AFTER the performance- these are the comments from the evaluations:

I love your puppetry!!! Jean.

Very enjoyable. Evidence of a lot of hard work and attention to detail! Especially liked the puppy and the worm! I will enjoy sharing this experience with a Russian friend. The puppet costumes were great.

Love it!

The kids seemed to like it.

Cool, awesome, loved it!

Great performance!

Fun! Enjoyed it!

Action well done. Perfect for young children.

Very interesting and engaging. Great story line and moral value.

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Very entertaining.

Very good! Loved the concept, scenery, and the many puppets. Great sets. Loved the motorcycle!

Great puppets! Great show!

Entertaining. I had a bit of difficulty understanding what they said.

A lot of good work.

The sets and puppets were beautiful!

Great! Loved it!

It held the children's attention, but i had a hard time following it.

Very entertaining!

Great stage and use of puppets. A lot of interesting things are going on simultaneously.

I enjoyed the Caterpillar and the Dog. It was hard to figure out who was talking sometimes.

Very creative and enjoyable.

Good puppetry, Good sound.

Great show. Very creative. Amazing performance.


Love the Russian culture and art. Great theme - loved it. Great accents

Beautiful puppets. Neat little story.

I loved it!

The puppetry was very well done.

Enjoyed it, good! Excellent presentation, great concept, but hard to follow the storyline.


Very Cute.

Was good, just a little too long. The puppets were beautiful. The show was very well done. I loved the part with the water bottle.

Creative. Great puppets. Good timing.

Great performance

Enjoyed seeing puppets in "action"

It was wonderful! Props great. Realistic movement.

Ah, Lord Tomato! Mi Amor! Very entertaining, lovely puppetry.

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